Ours is an era of uncommon opportunity. New ways of meeting, problem solving, designing, and delivering what people need and want have blown the doors our old ways of thinking and collaborating. The technologies of computing and communications have now intersected at every corner of human endeavour. There has never been a better time to have an idea, share it, improve it, and turn it into something else for the better. Action or reaction, product or process, habit or habitat, everything is ready for change.

Governor General David Johnstone and Tom Jenkins

Our goal is to foster a culture of innovation that honours our most creative, caring and entrepreneurial citizens. We dream of a country that celebrates those who create value, who build more compassionate, inclusive communities and who improve our quality of life. We want a Canada that celebrates those who reject complacency, instead putting their ingenuity and skills to use in addressing important challenges of our time.

Some of the world’s most innovative people live among us, yet we don’t share their stories or celebrate that fact enough. Let’s foster a culture of innovation in Canada that recognizes the creativity and caring that exist in our communities. Let’s end the debate on whether Canadians are innovative or not with a resounding, “Yes we are.”

Creating  a Culture of Innovation
Governor General David Johnstone
Governor General’s Innovation Awards